Baoji Thread Gages limited liability company was founded in September 2007 with a registered capital of 1,000,000 USD, is the only one to focus on manufacturing all kinds of API thread gauge and a variety of the special deduction thread gauge technology-based Manufacturing enterprises. the Company has API certification through the American Petroleum Institute (API SPEC 7-2-0680, API SPEC 5B-0032) is a few domestic sales of petroleum thread gauge industry have this certification, production, sales as one of professional manufacturing company. has a perfect quality assurance system, strict scientific management system, and through domestic ISO 9001:2008-UQ090985R0 quality system certification.Imported from the United Kingdom, the MATRIX Thread Grinding Machines with 60 m / s grinding line speed. Germany Zeiss coordinates CONTURA G2 machine, absolute guarantee of the product process, the annual production capacity of 2,500 sets of thread gauges.
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